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Milestone is the United Kingdom’s first fleet insurance broker, with its own dedicated, in-house, underwriting team that offer policies with in-vehicle technology fitted as standard. We understand how much can be saved on your policy with this technology, enabling us to offer our clients exclusive premiums as well as helping to protect them from the risk of fraudulent claims.

By fitting in-vehicle technology, it will not only lower insurance premiums and improve driving behavior, but dramatically reduce the likelihood of incidents, crash for cash and exaggerated claims.

With nearly 2,000 whiplash claims every day – many being fraudulent or exaggerated – and countless claims getting settled on a 50/50 basis there is no doubt that by installing in-vehicle technology it will speed up the claims procedure, protect from fraud and safe guard your company’s claims experience. Milestone provide a monitored claims centre solution, where incident footage can be assessed and immediate intervention taken.


Employer Benefits:

  • Improve Employee Driving Standards
  • Vehicle Training Detection
  • Reduce Wear and Tear
  • Vehicle Journey History Log
  • Acknowledge Safe Driving


Driver Benefits:

  • Improve Fuel Economy
  • Reduce Wear and Tear
  • Prove your Innocence
  • Defend Against False Allegations
  • Protect Against Exaggerated Claims


Insurer Benefits:

  • Mitigation of Personal Injury Claims
  • Incident Frequency Reduction
  • Underwriting Profitability Increase
  • Speeding the Claims Process