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By placing your business with us you are deemed to be accepting our Terms of Business and you are giving consent for us to operate in this way. Milestone Insurance Consultants Ltd, 20-22 Parkside, Horsforth, Leeds, LS18 4DN are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under reference no. 307191. Full details may be checked on the Financial Services register by visiting website http://www.fca.org.uk or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768. Our Contact telephone number is 0113 2582219. We are permitted to arrange, advise on and deal as an agent of insurers and clients for non-investment insurance policies on behalf of our customers and may give you advice and make a personal recommendation. This is based on a fair analysis of the insurance market, or for some types of cover we may use a limited number of specialist insurers, of which you may request details. We deal direct with insurers in the majority of cases but occasionally we use specialised schemes only available through other brokers. We will advise you if this is the case. If any client has special needs, to enable you to use our services, please contact a member of staff who will advise of the steps we can take to assist. We endeavour to place your business with insurers who have adequate means to meet their obligations but cannot guarantee the solvency of any insurer and we shall not be liable for losses suffered by you in the event of the insolvency of an insurer.


If on reflection the policy does not meet your requirements you may have the right to cancel your policy within 14 days, please refer to your policy
summary or policy document for further details. In these circumstances you will normally receive a pro-rata refund from the Insurer. Insurers are also entitled to make an administration charge. We will also charge an amount that reflects our administration costs. The right to cancel does not apply to a commercial customer i.e. a person who has taken out insurance in relation to their trade or profession.


If your policy is cancelled it will be cancelled as per the terms and conditions of your policy. The terms of your policy may allow insurers to retain the premium in full or to charge short period premiums. It is advisable to phone us before any decision to cancel is made, particularly if you have had a claim in the current period of insurance (as no refund is due), or you intend to replace your vehicle. Requests for cancellation must be in writing from the policyholder or their legal representative. Upon cancellation we charge a fee of 20% of the return premium issued by the insurer subject to a minimum amount of £75, in order to reflect our administration costs. Where a claim has occurred under the policy no return of premium is due. If you are paying in instalments, you are liable for the whole of the loan even if your policy is cancelled. You should not stop your monthly payments without speaking to us first. If your credit agreement is cancelled for any reason, by agreeing to place business with us you authorise us to cancel your insurance policy on your behalf. If a policy is cancelled before cover commences and the reason is outside of Milestone’s control we will charge a fee of £80.


We will debit monies from any debit or credit card details that we hold on file if you default on any payments. Failure to pay an outstanding debt may result in cancellation of your policy and will result in legal action being taken to recover any outstanding balance. We may also instruct a third party to collect an outstanding balance on our behalf and you will also be responsible for the reasonable costs of the third party collecting money for us. This also applies to any outstanding balance in respect of any finance you may have taken out. Defaulting on your loan could result in your policy being cancelled and leave you still liable for the outstanding loan. Our late payment fee is £60.


We make charges to cover our administration costs at inception of the policy, for mid-term amendments, cancellations and renewals. For new business and renewals our charge is 30% of your insurance premium and are in addition to any charges made by the insurance company and any commission we may earn.


No refunds can be made until we have received the money from the insurers. If payment was initially made by credit or debit card, any refund will usually be made to the same card. All other refunds will be made by cheque.


Please contact us immediately if you wish to make a claim under your policy. If there is a delay in notification you may suffer penalties or refusal from your insurance company to deal with your claim.


It is our intention to provide you with a high level of customer service at all times. If however you have reason to make a complaint about our service please let us know immediately by contacting the Department Manager at the above address. When dealing with your complaint, we will follow our complaint handling procedures; a summary of these are available on request. On the rare occasion that we are unable to resolve your complaint you may then be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange Square, London, E14 9SR, www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk, 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9 123.


Personal information about you will be treated as private and confidential. We will only use and exchange the information that is relevant in the normal course of arranging and administering your insurance quote/policy, including underwriting and claims handling. We will also share when required to do so by law, or regulation. This may include disclosing it to insurers, brokers, service providers, regulatory and legal authorities, finance companies or to agents who provide services on our behalf. This may result in a credit check to confirm your identity and minimise the risk of fraud. For hire and reward policies, we also reserve the right to discuss or inform your local licensing authority of certain issues, particularly in the event of cancellation or pending cancellation. Your data will be held in accordance with the current data protection law, under which you have a right of access to see personal information about you that is held in our records, electronically or manually. In the interests of security and to improve our service, telephone calls between us may be recorded. On consenting to receive marketing information from ourselves, you are happy to be contacted in the following ways: by telephone, email, text or post.


Occasions can arise where we, or one of our associated companies, clients or product providers, may have a potential conflict of interest with business being transacted for you. If this happens, and we become aware of this potential conflict, we will write to you and obtain your consent before we carry out your instructions and advise what steps we will take to ensure fair treatment.


COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS (insurance purchased wholly or mainly in connection with your trade/profession or business)

You are responsible for providing complete and accurate information which insurers require in connection with any proposal for insurance cover. This means that you must disclose every material circumstance which you know or ought to know. A material circumstance is one that is likely to influence an insurer in the acceptance and assessment of the application. You must also make a fair presentation to us in connection with any changes you wish to make to your policy, including at renewal. If you fail to do this it may invalidate the policy or reduce the amount you are paid in the event of a claim. If you are in any doubt as to whether a circumstance is material then please contact us.

CONSUMERS (individuals who have purchased insurance unrelated to their trade/profession or business)

You must take reasonable care to answer all questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge. Failure to do so may invalidate your insurance cover and could mean that part, or all, of a claim may not be paid.


We are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). If we were unable to meet our obligations you may be entitled to compensation from the scheme. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. Further information is available from FSCS on 0800 678 1100 or by visiting website http://www.fscs.org.uk/


Prior to your premium being forwarded to the insurer, and for your protection, we either hold your money as an agent of the insurer (in which case your policy is treated as being paid for), or we hold it in a client bank account on trust for you. We hold money in a non-statutory trust account allowing us to extend credit to other customers. We may also transfer your money to another intermediary where cover has been arranged through them. Your money is protected at all times and is subject to strict controls set down by the Financial Conduct Authority. This protects you, in the unlikely event of our failure, as client money will not form part of the firm’s property and the general creditors would not be able to make claims on it. We reserve the right to retain any interest earned on this account.


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